Our Rotary International Presidents theme this year is ‘Be The Inspiration’ and our District Governor Ingrid Waugh is wearing this theme on her sleeve. A charter member of the Rotary Club of Parnell, Ingrid is also well known to many of us through various District Committees and her role as Rotary Leadership Institute Chair for the District.
Having the advantage of having hear RI President Barry Rassin deliver his vision first hand at Convention in Toronto, it was very interesting from the Editors viewpoint to here how Ingrid was leveraging this along with her own goals to take our District a further step forward.
Goal One is about growing future leaders within our Clubs, District and the World. Something that Ingrid is passionate about and believes mentoring within and across our clubs is a key tool to growing our people. We also have a number of seminars coming up and Rotary International is also developing new training tools. Our Presidential Citation also is designed to as a key tool to assist our goal setting to achieve a successful outcome.
Goal Two is about engaging in Sustainable Projects and supporting our Rotary Foundation and Polio eradication. With over USD $2b under management, our Foundation has credibility. There is a reason why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation puts their money behind Rotary rather than any other NGO or Gov agency in this fight against Polio.
Goal Three is to get better about telling our stories. Lets not rest on our laurels and get the word out. We have good stories and in telling them, with passion and spin, it can certainly drive engagement within our clubs and the greater community.
Goal Four is to create an engaging membership experience. With our current numbers, we are certainly not short of jobs for the team. But with our proposed projects, there is more than enough work to share with a great many new potential members.
Conference on May 10-12 next year in Napier promises a lot of good fun to be h
ad. Walking and Bike riding are a couple of new activities, Golf as always will be on and for those inclined, there are the Wineries. See you there
Thanks Ingrid and John for a great night