Rob de Jong from Mind Transformations was our guest speaker tonight.
His business offers a range of unique services to help transform the way you think and to improve your life. Tonight we got to see first hand, the benefits of Hypnotherapy as a tool to help change something important in your life.
Hypnotherapy is more than those crazy stage shows we have all heard about. Whilst pretty much anyone can be hypnotized, it will only work with those who are permissive to the therapy. So when you see someone barking like a dog on a show, its because they have pretty much volunteered for anything to happen (mental expectancy before the event) except something that will endanger them.
Your protective mind is always awake and aware. An you can't make anyone do anything against their will or put them in danger. When ‘under’ our senses are actually enhanced, you are not asleep. Even if the therapist says ‘sleep’, it is just a trigger to go deeper into your trance. So no snoring.
Clinically, under hypnotherapy, a person is willing to follow instructions long enough so their conscious mind goes to the back and the unconscious to the foreground
The conscious mind has 4 parts, analytic mind, working memory (short term), will power, rational mind (all the reasons and excuses etc) which is also called the lying part of the mind.
Anyone can be hypnotised with modern technique, so long as they ‘allow’ it.
Robert run us all through two exercises and then, our volunteer Dave was hypnotised. Happy and positive was the outcome Dave was looking for. Robert worked him slowly into a trance and included a couple of check exercises in the process. At the end, Dave who is pretty much Mr Energizer Bunny happy go lucky most of the time was different. Lets call it a more relaxed and natural happiness, great to see. As Robert said, Dave remembered everything that went on when he was in the trance too. Really good to see in action.