This week we had the pleasure to hear from Suzie Campin who was visiting New Zealand with her husband David. Whilst over in NZ for family reasons, Suzie wanted to re-visit her past and recognize the contribution that this has made to her personal development and work career.
Suzie grew up locally and completed her early schooling at Flatbush Primary. Her father working at DB Brewery and also at AHI. He mother, a local bookkeeper and seamstress. Suzie’s early life was full of activities and she retains great memories of her school, the Principals, multi cultural friends, parties and hangi, trips to the beach, Brownies and pippis.
Following her families return to Australia and subsequent move to Australia, Suzie became the recipient of a Rotary Foundation Scholarship. She travelled to the UK to complete her Masters Degree in Town Planning. Whilst in the UK, she sang for her supper by speaking at Rotary Clubs a couple of times a week.
Subsequent studies led to a PHD and a long career in the public service. This included stints heading up various state government projects, the Salvation Army, Social Housing, Drug Rehabilitation programs and her own consultancy. Suzie and David are well travelled and David also now PHD which he gained in Scotland.
So busy she was at times that she used to tell her 5 daughters that if they wanted mum to doo something, a minimum of 4 days notice was required. A conversation in the car one day when one of the children wanted ‘something’ led to an unexpected outcome. Her retort of ‘what have I always told you’ in response to the short notice was replied by a chorus from the girls, ‘don’t join the public service’! A watershed moment for Suzie coming to realise how much her work consumed her.
Home is now the Queensland country town of Eumundi where they run a B&B. Eumundi is famous for its markets held twice a week. Rotary manages the carparking for this and Suzie has now joined the Rotary Club. So out the door with one sort of public service and straight into the door of another sort of service to her community.
Her formative in East Tamaki instilled many of the skills and attitudes that has helped her build relationships and enjoy a very successful business career. You can take the girl out of East Tamaki she says, but you can’t take the East Tamaki out of the girl. Prior to visiting our club, she visited her old school and has already made plans to maintain an ongoing relationship with them.
It was great to hear first hand from someone who’s live had been changed significantly by her experience with Rotary and how that shaped her life, which in turn through her vocation, helped a great many more.
Eumindi Rotary Meeting: Thursday 6:30pm for 7:00pm. CWA Hall, Memorial Drive.