Rotary Club of
Botany East Tamaki
Issue 12, Volume 53                        24th Sept 2018
President Bob Donovan
Secretary Mike Jaggs
Treasurer Richard Thorpe
Imm.Past Pres.
Stuart Welm
Pres. Elect
Dave Hawke
6th Oct: Blood Presure checks assistance @ Pak 'n Save Ormiston. Bob is looking for 3 other able assistants to take a shift on this Saturday between 10am-2pm
8th Oct: Family Night. All partners, kids, grandkids, freinds and neighbours should come along. Our guest speaker is a Hipnotist. He has a 35 minute show/presentation for us. Should be real fun.
15th Oct: Youth MP 2019 Speech Competition. A great event for us to support in lieu of a normal meeting. Let Bob know if you can attend. See 'story' for details
29th Oct: World Polio Day. How do we feel about a family Picnic in lieu of a standard meeting @ Barry Curtis Park. A bit of fun, a walk in the park and maybe we could also do a little rubbish pick up as our bit of service for the week
Thurs 1st Nov: Movie Night Fundraiser for Polio @ the Montery Theartre. Bohemian Rhapsody. Details to follow
From Mike the EDITOR
Last weekend Leanne and I had the pleasure to facilitate at RLI. It was really pleasing to see a good sized group come along, including a number of Rotaractors. These enthusiastic young people will be great future Rotarians.
I also gave the bike a good run going down to visit my father in Putaruru who has been ill lately. Tiger performed as expected purring along the straights and roaring around the corners. This is the last couple of weeks of riding for me for a while as I travel to China and Taiwan soon, then will have my ankle operation. So busy adding the last of the farkles [farkle: an accessory or add on to an adventure motorcycle]
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National Membership Seminar
Kings College, Otahuhu
Oct 27, 2018
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
We meet Mondays at 6:30pm
Upstairs @ CELSIUS Gastrobar
Cnr Te Irirangi & Ormiston Roads, Botany Junction. Auckland, 2016
President's Message
This week’s meeting centred around the Club major Projects and it was decided that we focus on the Community Van. The other project being the Young Woman’s Seminar has been moved up to a higher level and may become a much larger event at which we may well participate in the Future. We have been called upon to assist in other activities for Rotary of which there are many mostly requiring people power assistance ( see notice re Blood Pressure Day ) and with only a few from our club able to participate on any given day/time due to other activities we struggle to assist. That is where we need the help of others like friends and Honorary Members to volunteer a few hours of their time for these worthy causes. We are a few trying to do more.
Community Van Project: Pictured above is the van that RC Pukekohe donated to Parkside Special School last year. This is a very similar type of project to that we are undertaking.
News Brief
World Polio Day 24th October: A great excuse to have a family picnic. With Labout Weekend the prior week, we will push it out by a week. Look firward to seeing you all there
1-7 October is Rotary Reconnect Week. What is your Alumni contact list like? Take this opportunity to invite former Interactors, Rotaractors, RYLA participants, and other program alumni to renew their connection with Rotary. Perhaps invite them to our picnic or to the Hypnotist on Mon 8th Oct.
Check out Rotary's newest Virtual Reality film
Patience Asiimwe, a Rotaractor from Kampala, ventured deep into her native Uganda with a polio vaccination team as part of Rotary’s newest virtual reality film, Two Drops of Patience. "When we first started filming, I was focused on what we were going to shoot. But that changed when I did my first vaccination. I felt like a hero. It was a satisfying feeling, knowing you probably just changed someone’s life." Read more of Asiimwe's story and check out the virtual reality film.
Youth MP 2019
The time has arrived again for Botany to choose our Youth MP for the term in July next year. It has been a tradition for the past two elections to involve our local community groups such as yours in the selection process. Rotary was involved in 2016 and we would like you to be part of this process again.
We will be holding a speech competition to decide who our local Youth MP will be. Each school in the Botany area will put forward a student.  There are 6 schools in total. They will be asked to do a speech of 6 minutes and then be asked two questions requiring a response of no more than a minute.
For the last two Youth Parliament terms Botany has held a speech competition, as this emulates the process in which incumbent Members of Parliament are chosen. To ensure fairness and wider community involvement local Rotary clubs are invited to make up part of voting audience
Each audience member will have two votes which will be tallied up at the close of the speeches to determine the new MP. The counting process will be presided over by a JP. This event will be held on Monday October 15th at the Howick Bowling Club at 7pm.
We would really appreciate it if you could supply anywhere from 5 to 10 members to come along and be part of this selection process. Could we ask that you let us know who is available from your organisation on this day and we will arrange to drop the tickets off to you?
Kind regards,
Lisa Ambridge
Electorate Agent for Jami-Lee Ross
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