Rotary Club of
Botany East Tamaki
Issue 13, Volume 53                        1st Oct 2018
President Bob Donovan
Secretary Mike Jaggs
Treasurer Richard Thorpe
Imm.Past Pres.
Stuart Welm
Pres. Elect
Dave Hawke
6th Oct: Blood Presure checks assistance @ Pak 'n Save Botany. Bob is looking for 3 other able assistants to take a shift on this Saturday between 10am-2pm
8th Oct: Family Night. All partners, kids, grandkids, freinds and neighbours should come along. Our guest speaker is a Hipnotist. He has a 35 minute show/presentation for us. Should be real fun.
15th Oct: Youth MP 2019 Speech Competition. A great event for us to support in lieu of a normal meeting. Let Bob know if you can attend. See 'story' for details
29th Oct: World Polio Day. How do we feel about a family Picnic in lieu of a standard meeting @ Barry Curtis Park. A bit of fun, a walk in the park and maybe we could also do a little rubbish pick up as our bit of service for the week
Thurs 1st Nov: Movie Night Fundraiser for Polio @ the Montery Theartre. Bohemian Rhapsody. Details to follow
From Mike the EDITOR
Winter is gone (allegedly in the North Island anyway) and how do I know, the kids asked me to put together the trampoline we purchased from a Winter special. It was a great few hours with both kids helping out. They then managed to spend an entire afternoon testing it out.
So with daylight savings to add to the mix, its time we all got off our chuff and got outside ourselves. So here's a challenge for you, why not set a months goal for steps and use this to raise money for Polio Plus.
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National Membership Seminar
Kings College, Otahuhu
Oct 27, 2018
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
We meet Mondays at 6:30pm
Upstairs @ CELSIUS Gastrobar
Cnr Te Irirangi & Ormiston Roads, Botany Junction. Auckland, 2016
President's Message
Last week we were invited by the Howick Local Board to attend a Meeting together other Service Clubs and Rotary Club representatives to discuss Service Club involvement in the community.
Dave Hawke, Ameet Londhe and myself attended. The Local Board is concerned that the numbers of members in these Service Clubs is diminishing and wants to help in doing something about that.
Howick Local Board have a number of projects that they can allocate to Clubs as they recognise the great work done by volunteers in the community. And they do not wish to lose them and want to support as much as they are able.
After much discussion and taking note of the ideas offered another meeting is scheduled for November to discuss further. All agreed that this was a good initiative by the Board and look forward to participation in the future.
From our Club perspective we are interested in completing the Rongomai Park pathway and will be pursuing this with the Board.
An interesting observation by the Board was that service clubs were doomed by their own success  -  meaning that we had the support of a large of members over a long time and got too comfortable.   
News Brief
Honorary Members, a rare breed: Statistically, it appears we now have 3 Honorary Members in our club. Why you ask only 3 out of the 20+ registered, well simply only 3 regularly visit or even respond to invites from the club and our President. Apologies for the dig, but really we are worried about the lack of feedback and continued interest in the relationship with the club.
TRAINING TIP: “HOW TO COUNTER MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT E-LEARNING Change is hard.  Even great ideas and improved processes can face resistance.  With the launch of the new Learning Center, you may get some questions - and maybe even resistance - from Rotarians who question the value of e-learning.  Read Tim Slade's article on how to counter  Major Misconceptions About e-Learning to help you promote the Learning Center.
September’s message, Barry Rassin, RI President 2018-19
… The world needs Rotary, and Rotary needs strong clubs and engaged members in order to do more good. It is our responsibility – yours and mine – to make sure everyone who shows an interest in joining Rotary gets an invitation. Make use of the Membership Leads tool at, which helps people who are interested in joining Rotary connect with a club that's right for them. And let's ensure that every member has a reason to stay. By building strong clubs that engage in meaningful projects and have fun along the way, we provide value to our club members that they cannot find anywhere else.
... I challenge you to invite leaders of all ages, men and women, who are looking for a way to give back. By doing so, you will Be the Inspiration in your community and help Rotary continue to do good in the world. .
Broadening Rotaries Appeal
We hear time and again about the great work that Service Clubs do all around the world. Like Rotary, many of these have been around for a long time and do great work that is really appreciated by our communities.
However, they also hold on to many of their traditions, struggling to adapt at the same speed as people change over the generations. As a result, membership tends to get a little old and stale as remaining members hold tightly to the values they grew up with in their various organisations. Rotary is no different in this respect.
Rotary has stood out amongst other Service Clubs for many reasons. One of these is that globally our membership is stable to a certain respect. Whilst other Service Clubs have died off from rapid membership decline, Rotary has remain relatively static. At least in a global sense as we have had 1.2M members, since I joined Rotary nearly 10 years ago. But how and where that 1.2M members is made up has changed considerably.
Rotary Learning Centre New Courses
Here are a few courses to consider: 
  • Rotary Club Central Resources includes a video and how-to guides for setting goals and understanding trends.
  • Rotary Foundation Basics explains the Foundation and its programs, grants, and funds. updated
  • Rotary’s Areas of Focus outlines goals, projects, and resources for each of Rotary’s areas of focus. 
  • Membership courses promote new strategies for recruiting members and enhancing clubs.
Explore the Learning Center course catalog for more tools, presentations, and worksheets that can supplement your training agenda.

We’re here to support you in your training efforts. Write to Learning and Development staff at if you have any questions or ideas.
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