Rotary Club of
Botany East Tamaki
Issue 24 Volume 53                      11th Mar 2019
President Bob Donovan
Secretary Mike Jaggs
Treasurer Richard Thorpe
Imm.Past Pres.
Stuart Welm
Pres. Elect
Dave Hawke
Future Rotarian
March 18
March 25: 
March 30 & 31: Rotary Leadership Institute. See Mike for application form
8th April: Partners & Honorary Members Night. Rotary Alumni Sue Campin wants to visit her roots. A student of Flatbush Primary, she went on to win a Foundation Scholarship and then on to the UK to study her Masters in Town Planning.
Now a resident of Australia, she wants to visit the closest club to her old school and share how Rotary has impacted her life.
From Mike the EDITOR
Apologies for the lateness of the bulletin. The week just overtook me and now I need to catch up.
Its great that in my generation, we are able celebrate and share 30 years of the benefits of Rotary with our female counterparts.
Rotary is open to all persons of good character. And a great thing that is too.
Whilst in may have taken many years of Council of Legislation changes for Rotary to join the current century, now more than ever, we have the opportunity to create a modern and fitting membership base that matches the society we live in.
So with that all said, have you invited anyone to join Rotary lately?
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We meet Mondays at 6:30pm
Upstairs @ CELSIUS Gastrobar
Cnr Te Irirangi & Ormiston Roads, Botany Junction. Auckland, 2016
President's Message
This week’s meeting speaker was Craig Horrocks District 9920 District Governor elect.
He spoke about the want of the District to promote the Club and provided some innovative ideas for doing so. A great deal of discussion took place and
has given all Members time to reflect and look at their individual Rotary careers. Craig covered many of the concerns of Members and gave a commitment to the Club of continued Rotary support both people and financial for the future.
The growth of the Ormiston area and the needs of the community within that remain and with the support of our local Rotary club we can assist where ever possible.   
News Brief
Rotary Foundation Trustee Örsçelik Balkan, a member of the Rotary Club of Istanbul-Karaköy, Turkey, died unexpectedly on 6 March.
He served Rotary as a district trainer, district governor, and RI director. He also served on numerous committees, including as chair of several.


Rotary clubs in Brazil mobilized to help stave off a potential polio outbreak after dangerously low vaccination rates were reported by health officials last year. More than 11 million Brazilian children were inoculated during a massive two-month vaccination campaign, reversing a trend of plummeting immunization coverage. 
Stephanie Woollard went from Down Under to the top of the world to find out if one person can make a difference
By Diana Schoberg Photos by Monika Lozinska
The clacking of sewing machines fills the sunlit room until word spreads that the bus has arrived. At that, a dozen women clad in pink kurtas file into the courtyard of the Seven Women Center in Kathmandu, Nepal. They smile widely as a group of Australian women led by a tall blonde enters through the iron gat
Stephanie Woollard bends down to let Sandhya Khadgi, the center’s bookkeeper and literacy trainer, put a dot of red powder on her forehead and a red flower petal atop her head in a gesture of welcome. Woollard has arrived with a group of Rotary members and friends to tour the center that she founded and whose goal is to improve the lives of women in Nepal.
When Woollard, now 34 and a member of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, first met Khadgi, Woollard was a 22-year-old tour guide with a passion for social justice and a knack for connecting with people. After leading a tour group to Kathmandu in 2006, she stayed an extra week to explore the city’s winding streets and hidden passageways, as tangled as the electrical wires above them. She soon made friends with shopkeepers, who invited her to tea as she asked them about their lives. 
“I’m a very curious person,” she says. 
One day, Woollard noticed a woman with dwarfism lugging two heavy bags into a makeshift tin shed constructed of three walls and a roof. It had no door; on impulse, Woollard followed the woman inside. 
Another woman who spoke some English told Woollard that seven disabled women lived in the shed, eking out a living selling soaps and candles. In Nepal, many people consider a disability to be karmic payback for a sin committed in a past life. One of the women had fallen out of a tree as a child and had never been treated for her injuries; another had hurt her leg and, because her family didn’t have money for treatment, had to have it amputated. Khadgi — who was one of the women Woollard met that day — was born with a jaw deformity that she covered with a mask in public. 
“When Stephanie walked into the tin shed, I felt so nervous around someone from outside the Nepali community,” Khadgi says. “In the community, because of the deformity I have, I am shunned.” But she had a feeling Woollard was different. 
Remember this? For the last 5 years we have been supporting the South Auckland combined Intermediate Schools Rugby Team at the Bill Mclaren rugby tournament The dress uniforms we have assisted with have seen the boys turn out on an equal footing to their more financially sound competitors. They returned this support with some stellar on field performances. 
We should start planning now if we are to continue with this.
Auckland South Cultural Event 6th AprilType caption here
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