The time has arrived again for Botany to choose our Youth MP for the term in July next year. It has been a tradition for the past two elections to involve our local community groups such as yours in the selection process. Rotary was involved in 2016 and we would like you to be part of this process again.
We will be holding a speech competition to decide who our local Youth MP will be. Each school in the Botany area will put forward a student.  There are 6 schools in total. They will be asked to do a speech of 6 minutes and then be asked two questions requiring a response of no more than a minute.
For the last two Youth Parliament terms Botany has held a speech competition, as this emulates the process in which incumbent Members of Parliament are chosen. To ensure fairness and wider community involvement local Rotary clubs are invited to make up part of voting audience
Each audience member will have two votes which will be tallied up at the close of the speeches to determine the new MP. The counting process will be presided over by a JP. This event will be held on Monday October 15th at the Howick Bowling Club at 7pm.
We would really appreciate it if you could supply anywhere from 5 to 10 members to come along and be part of this selection process. Could we ask that you let us know who is available from your organisation on this day and we will arrange to drop the tickets off to you?
Kind regards,
Lisa Ambridge
Electorate Agent for Jami-Lee Ross